This is the section that really shows what the Internet can do. From here, you can link to different sections of the Internet based on your tastes and interests. The various topics that can be accessed are listed below and in the menu to your left.


The Search section is the most useful part of this web site. From here it is possible to search through the Internet for information on any topic you can dream of. Just type the subject into the box and click on search to get a list of web sites that deal with that subject.

News/ Weather/ Sports

The News/ Weather/ Sports section has links to all of the latest news from such local sources as the Montreal Gazette to national news from the CBC and the National Post.

In the same section, weather reports can be found brought to you by Weather.Com, a world wide weather network.

Business Finance

This section contains links to some of the world's most comprehensive sources of business and finance information.


The technology section contains links to the most modern and up to date sources of computer and Internet related topics.