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This service is brought to you by AltaVista, perhaps the most technologically advanced search engine available. To visit their web page, click HERE


This is the page that allows you to search the Internet for information on any topic you desire. Searching works by typing in the topic you are interested in and hitting the search button. There are currently two search engines available from this page.

The first, Metacrawler, will look through many other search engines sites and will provide the greatest number of links to the topic you entered. The second, AltaVista, searches through it's own database and usually provides more relevant links. AltaVista also has support for many different languages and you can type in questions as if you were asking a person. More on this in a second.

To search in either engine, type the subject that you want to find information on in the box and press the Search button.

In Metacrawler, you can specify to search for pages that contain all of the words you enter or any of the words you enter into the box. Additionally, you can tell the search engine to only return the pages that have the exact words you type in the exact same order you type them.

With AltaVista, you can type in just the plain words you are interested in or you can enter a question as if you were talking to a person. Additionally, with AltaVista you can search for words in a specific language by selecting one from the list. Finally, you can also decide to search for images, video and audio files instead of web pages if you so desire.

Basically, if you want a lot of information quickly, MetaCrawler is the way to go. If you want more precise information, AltaVista is for you.