The function of the Forward button is a little different from the that of the Back button, but it is also an important part of navigating the Internet. The Forward button is typically very close to the Back button (usually right next to it). It most often takes the shape of an arrow of some kind pointing towards the right. In Internet Explorer, the Forward button looks like this:

The Forward button serves to bring you to a page that you moved away form by pressing the Back button. If for some reason, you decide to go back a page using the Back button, then the Forward button will allow you to move "Forward" back to the page you were on. Like the Back button, the Forward button usually has a little downwards pointing arrow that allows you to access a list of the pages you have moved back from.

You may notice that the Forward button is sort of dimmed out and that it cannot be clicked on. In Internet Explorer, the button would look like this:

The reason the button is dimmed is that you must first have gone back at least one page to be able to use it. You could now try, for example, to go back a page by clicking on the Back button and then returning here by clicking on the Forwards button.

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