When surfing the Internet, it is important to have the most up to date technology available to take advantage of the latest features of the Internet. Although it is certainly still possible to view most web sites with any old browser, there are many sites that these days will not display properly or may not load at all without the latest in browser technology.

Luckily, today it is possible to obtain the most modern Internet software for free from Microsoft and Netscape. These two companies both offer free web browsers that set the standard in web browsing today.

To determine which companies browser and the version of that browser that you are are using and whether or not you should upgrade it, click on the button below. If your browser is an old version, then a box will pop up asking you if you wish to update. If you select OK, then you will be taken to the web site of the company who makes the web browser you are using.

If for some reason, clicking on the button does not work (probably meaning that your browser is too old) or if you are currently using one browser and wish to switch to the other, then you can manually click on the links just below to be taken to their sites to upgrade.

Microsoft is the company that makes Internet Explorer. Click here to go to their browser update page. Netscape is the company that makes Communicator. Click here to go to their browser update page.